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Tribune Romaneasca | Romanian Tribune
Tribuna Romaneasca | Romanian Tribune
An independent publication of:
Romanian-American Network Inc. (NFP-NGO)
The largest Romanian newspaper
in United States.
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Norwegian Barnevernet in the Guinness Book of Records ...

Norwegian Barnevernet in the Guinness Book of Records ...

Norway will have Free Advertising worldwide for lifetime as a result of the fact that the Guinness Book of Records will have to record and publish these facts:

- Largest around the world protest against Human Rights abuse towards children & family - April 16, 2016 - the protest against Norway's Barnevernet and its diabolic system;

- Largest around the world protest of musicians (choirs, brass bands, music directors) in solidarity with another musician - Marius Bodnariu, who suffers in Norway persecution, mistreatment, harassment, and whose human rights have been violated by Norway's Barnevernet and its accomplices.


NORWAY, the party is just starting! Norway, you thought you could get away with your atrocities for ever?

Redactia Tribuna Romaneasca - Chicago

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