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Tribune Romaneasca | Romanian Tribune
Tribuna Romaneasca | Romanian Tribune
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Adam Hartung, FORBES: "It`s Tough To Be an Immigrant, But It Leads To Innovation"

It pleases us to see stories of Romanian-American business people and professionals becoming of interest to the main stream media. Just recently another article published online on brings to the Forbes readers the story of Daniel Popa and

In the article "It's Tough To Be an Immigrant, But It Leads To Innovation" published on September 9, 2016 on, Forbes Contributor Adam Hartung noted that: "Throughout America’s history, being an immigrant has been tough.  The first ones had to deal with bad weather, difficult farming techniques, hostile terrain, wild animals – it was very difficult.  As time passed immigrants continued to face these issues, expanding westward.  But they also faced horrible living conditions in major cities, poor food, bad pay, minimal medical care and often abuse by the people already that previously immigrated

Adam Hartung brings a point with which, as first generation immigrants we may be too familiar with, when he states that "immigrants have been not only abused but scammed. Those who have resources frequently took advantage of the newcomers that did not." He then approaches the subject of long distance and international calling as a service used by immigrants to call the loved ones back home. After giving a few examples of what could happen when these calls are placed, he brings to the readers' attention the success story of Romanian-American entrepreneur Daniel Popa.

But once again, ingenuity prevails.  A Romanian immigrant named Daniel Popa saw this problem, and set out to make communications better for immigrants and their families back home.  In 2014 he founded to allow users to make a call over wireless technology, but which can then interface with the old-fashioned wired (or wireless) telecom systems around the world.  No easy task, since telephone systems are a complex environment of different international, national and state players that use a raft of different technologies and have an even greater set of complicated charging systems."


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In a completely unrelated story, "Doing it right – and growing – in a recession — Tasty Catering", Adam Hartung makes reference to the success of a catering company from suburban Chicago and states that "some of these stories are so powerful I want to share some of the good things I'm seeing. Especially now, when it seems bad news is dominating." 

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